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Call us for a free water test to determine what is needed to get you great tasting clean water. Diagnosing and installing water conditioning equipment requires a professional plumber who understands not only public water systems but private well systems as well.

What is Water Conditioning?

Water conditioning is a catch all phrase to describe treating water to fix whatever is wrong with it. The four main types water conditions we see in this area are hard water, acidic water, iron algae bacteria, and coliform bacteria. Unfortunately, the Chester County area has notoriously bad water. From Chester Springs where there is a lot of iron algae to Collegeville where water hardness can be in the high twenties to Downingtown where the well water is acidic and the public water is hard, we have the solution to give you great tasting water.

Public Water vs. Well Water

Did you know that even if your home is on a public water system you could have hard or acidic water?

Problem:  Hard water

Hard water is water that has a high content of minerals (usually magnesium and calcium). The minerals in the water clog plumbing pipes and faucets; decrease the efficiency of water heaters, dishwashers and ice makers and greatly reduce the effectiveness of cleaning agents. In addition, hard water is bad for your hair and skin, creates soap scum in your sinks and showers and makes your laundry fade faster and wear out more quickly. Left unchecked, hard water will cost you more money than it would to install a softener.

Solution: Install a Water Softener

A water softener removes the minerals in your water. This happens by a process called ion exchange. The water is passed thought the softener where the magnesium and calcium ions are exchanged with sodium ions. The end result is softer water. After a period of time the softener gets filled with minerals and needs to be backwashed or flushed out. Your system will perform this function automatically.

Benefits of Softer Water

What are the benefits of soft water? In short, everything that your water touches will last longer. From the copper in your plumbing system to water heaters, ice makers, dishwashers and faucets, the elimination of minerals in the water will benefit a number of systems in your home. Even clothing will last longer and resist fading.

Your hair will be shinier. Your skin will be softer. Your water will taste better.

The amount of cleaning products you use will be dramatically reduced. Hard water prevents soap and detergents from working effectively hence, you need to use more.

Problem:  Acidic water

Acidic water has a low pH which is why we refer to it as acidic. Acidic water can cause several problems in a plumbing system. The acidity causes  metal ions such as iron, manganese, copper, lead and zinc to leach into the water, resulting in elevated levels of toxic metals in your water and corroding pipes and fixtures. Blue or red stains in your sinks is a telltale sign of acidic water. Acidic water often is the cause of pin hole leaks in copper pipes.

Solution: Install an Acid Neutralizer

An acid neutralizer changes the pH of the water and the end result is neutral water. The neutralizer works by passing the water through a special media mix which counteracts the low pH. Over time the media mix will diminish and need to be refilled.

Benefits of Neutral Water

One of the most critical benefits is the elimination of pesky pinhole leaks in your plumbing system. Furthermore, you will see the reduction of nasty staining in sinks and showers. Finally, with the absence of acidity in the water, you will find that appliances and faucets will last longer.

Problem:  Iron Algae Bacteria

Iron algae can cause red stains, cloudy and or smelly water. Iron algae bacteria is fairly common from Chester Springs to Downingtown and Coatesville areas.  The algae is a living organism that is typically found in well systems. The algae can decrease the life of a well pump and the components (well tank, pressure gauge, etc) by  clogging the pipes. Extreme cases can cause staining of laundry.

Solution: A Multi Phase Approach

Every well is different and a test is necessary to determine the necessary steps. Paramount offers this test free of charge. Generally a combination of physical removal and chemical treatment is combined to kill and eliminate the algae.

Problem:  Coliform Bacteria in Water

Coliform and other Bacteria can be found in well water systems. There are a variety of causes ranging from infection of springs to past use of the land. A state certified lab needs to test a water sample. If bacteria is found you need a UV light.

Solution: Install an Ultraviolet Light (UV light)

The UV light works by passing the water through a chamber that is exposed to the ultraviolet light and thereby  killing the bacteria. Most UV systems need to have the bulb changed yearly otherwise the effectiveness wears out.